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Boys and their Bugs

I think it may be impossible for boys to go outside and not come back with some sort of bug. I must give my boys credit, though, they did learn (the hard way) some time ago that dead mice and spiders were not to be among the treasures brought home, and they have followed this rule pretty well.

Yesterday was no different as the boys went out running around the campground. We had stumbled upon a rather large spider up by the clubhouse last week, so the boys went up to check on it. Apparently it was building a new web, which was rather fascinating. I am not exactly sure how, but orange cones came into play, and William then discovered an orange, spiky caterpillar, which was promptly brought home for sharing.

It was a rather interesting caterpillar, and we all enjoyed watching him wiggle all over, most likely trying desperately to get away from the likes of us. After planning on keeping him, William did set him free later in the evening, saying he wasn’t eating. What he may have meant was I-manhandled-him-too-much-and-I’m-not-sure-he-is-going-to-make-it. 

Then a little while later, the boys were back at the same orange cone. Only this time it was Nathan’s turn to find a treasure.

Nathan has opted to keep his find, desperately wanting to see it turn into a butterfly.

I am actually quite impressed with most of the things the boys are able to find while they are outside. It shows me just how much they pay attention to their surroundings. They are able to see what most of us just walk right by. I guess as we get older, we simply stop looking. What a shame that is.

6 thoughts on “Boys and their Bugs

  1. These are gorgeous! And how wonderful that these little discoveries of life are celebrated together with you too! To boys and bugs – may the wonder never cease. And may I specially mention that these photos are spectacular. Sharon

  2. I agree, these photos are spectacular! You are such a good photographer, Mariah. The boys ( and Catheryn, too) are learning a lot in their science class. First hand experience is always the best way. What a cool caterpillar William found! I hope Nathan’s cocoon turns into a beautiful Monarch!

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