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Buzzards, Tobacco and the Colors of Fall

After playing at the park for a few hours this afternoon, we went for a little drive. The colors are beginning to change. Fall is most definitely on its way.

I love seeing all the differences between Kentucky and up North. One of the things we aren’t used to seeing is tobacco. There are fields and fields of tobacco. After it is cut, it is hung to dry in the barn. Almost every open barn we pass is full of tobacco. It smells very strong, but not at all like I would expect it to smell.

We stuck to the driveway of this old house, but we couldn’t help but pull over to take a few pictures. The house has definitely been there for a day or two. Whenever we stumble upon something like this, I find myself imagining what it must have been like back in its day. Fresh paint, sheer curtains blowing in the breeze, kids playing in the yard. A much different scene from today.

It didn’t appear as though anyone was home, except the old buzzard…

7 thoughts on “Buzzards, Tobacco and the Colors of Fall

  1. I love pictures of old houses, especially if taken by you! We watched the harvesting of tobacco at Ellen’s last summer. It’s very interesting, not at all what we’re used to seeing. Although, they let them dry differently, but I’m sure every area has their own way. I like this way, just hanging in the barn, the best. You are going to have some very beautiful fall colors I see! One of my favorite times of year because of all the colors. I like to use them in my paintings.

    • Tobacco harvest would be neat to see. There are still lots of fields of it around here and I am not sure when harvest is. We will have to keep our eyes open and maybe we will be able to watch some.

  2. I love the Fall..it really is a most beautiful time of year…even though in a way it is sad because all the leaves are dying…just like that house. At one time,as you say, a place of life ,love and joy ..now it is in decay…such a shame and yet still so beautiful

    • I guess nothing lasts forever. The land around the house is still farmed so I am guessing the family just built a new one close by (though many, many years ago.) Hard to say. Fall is beautiful. There is such a varitey of trees around here that it should be very colorful.

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