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A Working Family

Rob went to his Meet and Greet today. His starting group was larger than mine was last week, and there were a lot more returning CamperForce workers. We thought we were both hired on as pickers (pulling the sold items), but Rob is actually going to be stowing (shelving the incoming products.) He will officially begin tomorrow with orientation, then his half-shifts will begin on Wednesday. His assigned shift is pretty much what he has been working for the last dozen years or so, so he will have no trouble adjusting to the hours.

Even the kids were recruited by a fellow camper as dog-walkers! So far they are walking a 5-month old puppy named Amy, but her owner knew about two other dog owners also looking for a walker, so they may have more to walk soon.

I am soaking up my last week of half-shifts, because come Sunday, the 10-hour shifts begin, and I am sure they will be a little painful in the beginning. Overtime sounds like a weekly thing, and a good thing, so I will take all they feel like giving me, with minimal crying. I hope… We are living our dream here, so the hard work is more than worth it.

All right, Remi, your turn…

6 thoughts on “A Working Family

  1. Work is always important to be able to pay the bills. Enjoy your days off! You’re going to need them after 10 hour shifts! We enjoy seeing the surrounding area when you are out on your treks. It’s almost as good as being there for the rest of us.

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