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My 52: Week 36

When I began my My 52 project back at the beginning of the year, we lived in a place with a large variety of water fowl. We have only been here in Kentucky for a week now, but I have yet to find a goose or duck. That might make it hard to finish out the year with weekly photos of water birds. So, rather than not finish my project, I am making a small change: my birds no longer have to hang out on the water.

One type of bird we have seen in large numbers since arriving here are vultures. They always seem to be circling overhead. It is rather eerie at times. We went to the lake the other evening and there were many of them nesting in the trees. They weren’t too impressed with me and my camera, so they kept flying away. This week, I guess silhouettes will have to do.

4 thoughts on “My 52: Week 36

  1. Love the picture! Vultures summer and have their chicks in our neighborhood. We have a new cell tower behind us and they are now taking up residence there. They like to soar on the thermals from the pasture behind us. Last summer I counted (and I counted four different times to verify!) over 30 soaring overhead. What a sight!

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