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Ironing out the Kinks

It doesn’t seem to matter how well you have things planned out, you almost always have to make some changes.

We found ourselves at the store today arranging new cell phone service. For some reason, we had no service at all with our old phone, even though there is clearly service in the area. The only way to make our old phone work was to change to a local (Kentucky) number, which we weren’t up for since we are, and will remain, Montana residents. Our only other option was a new phone plan, with a new (Montana) number. Done. All that is left to do now is update our number with everyone. At lease we can call them to do that, which is a huge improvement.

This morning also found us at a new campground. We went from the very lush and green, state park bordering, horse boarding wonders of one campground, to… a gravel lot. The main perk is that it is right across the street from Amazon, so we no longer have to worry about how Rob and I would switch places in half an hour, which we were beginning to realize was going to be somewhat impossible. Amazon is not flexible when it comes to being on time, so one of us would probably have lost their job before too long if we had not changed campgrounds. With all the campgrounds currently having waiting lists, we happened in here at just the right time to get a spot. That was lucky…

I am currently working half-shifts at Amazon through this week and continuing next week. “Work hardening” they call it, to give your body time to adjust to standing on concrete floors for ten hours a night. Last night was my first night actually doing my job, a little something called picking. There will be no shortage of exercise over the next four months. It is estimated that we will walk between 10-12 miles a night. Oh, Nelly. Rob is scheduled to start on Monday, though I think it will be easier for him because I am breaking trail. He knows what to expect, which will be at least a little helpful. With Rob’s brave and outgoing personality, he should have been the one to go first, but with me working the night shift, I had to go first. At least I can relax a little now, the fear of the unknown taken out of the equation.

Overall, we are doing really well. Work will be challenging, but it will also be very rewarding. Our short four-month stay here will allow us to explore a new area. It will also fund the next leg of our journey. And who knows where the road will lead us then.

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