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Horse Happy

We attempted a walk in the woods tonight, but after all the rain we have had, the trail was a big mucky mess, so we opted to walk along the road for a little while instead. As we made our way back to the campground, we were greeted by a few of the equine residents. If there is one thing I can say for certain about each and every member of our family, it is that none of us can resist a horse. We are all suckers for their sweet faces and swishy tails, their rubber lips and super soft noses. Their smell, their big bright eyes, their sweet spots. Irresistible.

6 thoughts on “Horse Happy

  1. Didn’t take you long to start exploring your new hometown. Love your pictures! Are these horses at the riding stables not far from your campground? Is your campground on the river in the park? We’ve tried finding your campground on Google Earth and that’s the only campground we found. If that’s it, lucky you! Enjoy your new home!

    • These horses are actually at our campground. We are staying at Green River Stables, really close to Green River Lake State Park. We went to the lake tonight and saw fireflies!!

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