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My 52: Week 35

I confess that I am totally cheating this week. I do not think peacocks qualify as water birds (actually, I am most certain that they do not) but… well, it is not every day that one sees a white peacock, and I failed to take a picture of an actual water bird, so… I am cheating. These pretty peacocks were on the side of the road in Kentucky, a faint rainbow in the sky behind them. It had been raining, so they had to be at least a little wet… Does that count?

6 thoughts on “My 52: Week 35

  1. We saw a white peacock at the Maryshill museum in the Columbia River Gorge. He had his feathers all displayed and he was beautiful. That was the first and last time we’ve ever seen one. He was gone the next time we went to the museum. Glad you made it to your destination state. Vacation’s over. Back to work tomorrow, ugh!:( Hope you both enjoy your new jobs. We love you!

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