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The Best Day Ever!

The kids all agree that today was the best day EVER!!! You must be wondering what possibly could have happened that would earn today such an honor.

Was it the fact that we arrived in St. Louis, Missouri and had our first view of the Gateway Arch?

Was it because we were able to ride the tram all the way to the top of the arch?

Was it the view from the top of the arch that made today the best day ever?

Perhaps it was the original Courthouse that was across the street?

I personally think that all of these things made today pretty great, but none of them happen to be why today was the best. No, today was the best day ever simply because… it rained. Very. Hard.

It wasn’t the arch. It wasn’t the view. It wasn’t the tram ride. It wasn’t St. Louis. It was the puddles. Lots and lots of puddles. And the ability to run through them over and over again. Best. Day. Ever.


11 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever!

  1. If you ever have any doubts about the wisdom of living free..just look at the joy on your children’s faces. How lucky they are to be able to see such wonderful things..it brings history and geography to life….far far better than a boring old book!
    Thank you for agreeing to ‘put me up’ , it all sounds so exciting but I am getting nearly as much fun reading your posts. Maybe not the same as actually being there but darn close.
    When do the children do their lessons?

    • Their lessons depend on where we are and what we are doing. On the days when we are visiting National Parks and landmarks, that is a majority of their lessons. They do journals and the Junior Ranger program as well.

  2. It appears that you are the only ones on the streets of St Louis. Why is that! Could it be all the rain? The kids sure had fun, didn’t they! They are learning so much and are having fun at the same time. Who knew!

  3. Love the picture of the kids in the puddle, I used to love to run through puddles. I think when the rain starts again this fall I might just run through a couple more for old times sake. Thanks for sharing!

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