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Driving Day

We have been having so much fun taking our time that we have begun to fall a little behind schedule. We are not on a tight schedule by any means, but we do have to be in Campbellsville, KY on Saturday. So today, since we didn’t have any specific plans for Nebraska, we decided to have a driving day. No big deal, they are necessary from time to time.

Cabela’s World Headquarters, Sidney, NE

After visiting Cabela’s World Headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska, we set sail for the other side of the state. We passed corn field after corn field after golden, rolling corn field. There was some wheat thrown in for variety, as well as the occasional horse pasture and cattle graze land. The wind reminded us of Great Falls. It was steady enough to keep both of your hands on the wheel at all times, causing hand cramps from the death grip. It calmed down by the time we hit Eastern Nebraska.

Somehow we made it across the state, through a corner of Iowa, and into Missouri, which is where we sit tonight. Just for kicks, I thought I would share today’s stats with you, after sending a shout-out to Rob’s GPS, because I am quite certain that if it weren’t for her, we would most likely be in  Middlefart, Denmark right now.

The Blue (yes, Blue) River, near Lincoln, NE

Total Miles: 492.1

Max Speed: 72, Average Speed: 55

Total Drive Time: 8 hours 52 minutes, Total Trip Time: 13 hours 3 minutes

Rest Area Recreation, near Lincoln, NE

4 thoughts on “Driving Day

  1. Maestro De photography…absolutely superb pictures…..Hope you get to where you are going on time but don’t forget it is ‘normal’people who stick to timetables. Now that you are houseless you are not ‘normal’ but adventurers on the trail…..I loved every word you wrote

  2. Would have been way too easy to spend an entire day in Cabelas. Looks like the trip is going well and safe. Enjoy the time

    • I thought the Cabela’s main store would be larger than the others, but it is actually the same, if not smaller than some. They had a lot of nice displays, though, including the elephant.

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