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A Must-See

I have wanted to see Mount Rushmore for a very long time. When we were planning our drive across the country, it was the only thing that was an absolute must-see. Other attractions were flexible, but not Mount Rushmore.

I am not sure what it is about its pronunciation, but I have the hardest time saying it. For some reason it always comes out Rush Mountmore. Luckily I can spell it better than I can say it.

We went to the mountain twice. I had read about the best time to take pictures, but I couldn’t remember whether it was morning or evening, so we decided to visit it both times. As it turns out, morning is the best time for photos, but it is equally beautiful any time. Going in the evening is wonderful because of the evening lighting program. There is a speech, a patriotic video and then the lighting of the memorial. They ended with all the veterans from the audience up on stage, where they lowered the flag and then told us about their years of service.

In the morning, the rising sun lights up the memorial just beautifully, making it hard to stop taking pictures.

I am so glad we were able to go. It was everything I had hoped it would be and even more.


8 thoughts on “A Must-See

    • Gutzon Borglum designed and carved them. He had intended to carve their torsos but he passed away before he finished. His son Lincoln, tidied up the carving for him, but they were never completed the way originally planned. Lincoln didn’t think that anyone should attempt to finish his father’s work, including himself.

  1. Thanks for sharing, what GREAT photos, the eyes even seem to have a sparkle to them. Thanks for the extra picture showing part of Lincolns hand. I can’t wait to visit it myself someday!

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