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Smooth Sailing

My gypsy spirit is singing tonight. She is so loud and proud that I am almost certain she can be heard around the world…

Besides a little road construction, which is to be expected in the summer, our drive went smoothly. We had time this afternoon for a geocache and then spent some time touring Billings. They have the most beautiful overlook up by the airport. Billings is a pretty big city, much bigger than Great Falls. One of the main things we noticed while out and about this evening was all the activity. There were people everywhere. Sidewalks, parking lots, walking downtown, you name it. Lots to do here in the big city, apparently.

We made it back to Waldo a little while ago and the kids are all writing in their journals. We had planned for this to be a part of their schooling anyway, but their Auntie sent them all a personalized journal to share their thoughts in. It will be fun to look back in the years to come to see what they wrote about. It seemed only fitting that they would begin on our official launch date.

I think perhaps now it is time to get some rest, all the excitement of the day is catching up with us. 🙂 And what a wonderful day it was.

A beautiful evening in Billings, MT.


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