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I am somewhat blog-happy today. First both of my photo challenges and now this. But today is a big day, and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Tonight was my last night at my job. There have been many nights when I wished I didn’t have to be there. Halloween, for example, when I missed out on taking the kids trick-or-treating. Or the weekend afternoons when the rest of the family went to the pond for swimming and canoeing while I was at work. Those were the days when I longed to put in my notice. Those were the days when I had to fight myself on whether having the second job was really worth it.

It was a good job, though. The people were good to me and I actually felt bad about putting in my notice a couple of weeks ago, something I never would have imagined feeling. I almost felt as though I were letting someone down. But who? Not myself, for sure. My boss, perhaps? The people I spent so much time working with? I cannot say for sure.

Either way, I walked out of the doors tonight for the last time, not only as an employee, but most likely as a customer as well. Tomorrow will be our last day here in Great Falls. Come Saturday we will be on the road, something we have been planning for over a year now. And now that I am done working, I can say that it was most definitely worth it. It helped to make all of this possible. It helped to turn this crazy dream into a reality. And for that, I am truly grateful.

It is a strange feeling knowing that I do not have to go to work tomorrow. Even stranger to think that very shortly we won’t even be here anymore. I have thought about this day many times, but never really thought it would arrive. And yet, here it is. It did arrive. We made it after all.

6 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. It hit me, as I was saying goodbye at work, that I’d probably not see you in person for . . .well, maybe forever. That revelation saddened me, but on the other hand, I’m happy for you and your family. You’re brave enough to chase your dreams, and that is something amazing.

    Go forth and smite, shopko Ninja.

  2. Just remember Mariah…you only have one life, this is not a practise run…so open your wings , fly away to freedom and happiness,. Most of our lives are spent conforming to what is normal and what others think..now you have the chance to be yourselves and learn to survive by your wits.
    If I were younger I would be there with you but as it is I shall be there in spirit and wishing you all ‘bon voyage’ and never look back!
    I ENVY YOU!!!!!

  3. Sometimes the “hurry up and wait” takes a little longer to get here than we thought but eventually it does get here. And you made it! Congratulations! We love you!

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