I am somewhat blog-happy today. First both of my photo challenges and now this. But today is a big day, and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Tonight was my last night at my job. There have been many nights when I wished I didn’t have to be there. Halloween, for example, when I missed out on taking the kids trick-or-treating. Or the weekend afternoons when the rest of the family went to the pond for swimming and canoeing while I was at work. Those were the days when I longed to put in my notice. Those were the days when I had to fight myself on whether having the second job was really worth it.

It was a good job, though. The people were good to me and I actually felt bad about putting in my notice a couple of weeks ago, something I never would have imagined feeling. I almost felt as though I were letting someone down. But who? Not myself, for sure. My boss, perhaps? The people I spent so much time working with? I cannot say for sure.

Either way, I walked out of the doors tonight for the last time, not only as an employee, but most likely as a customer as well. Tomorrow will be our last day here in Great Falls. Come Saturday we will be on the road, something we have been planning for over a year now. And now that I am done working, I can say that it was most definitely worth it. It helped to make all of this possible. It helped to turn this crazy dream into a reality. And for that, I am truly grateful.

It is a strange feeling knowing that I do not have to go to work tomorrow. Even stranger to think that very shortly we won’t even be here anymore. I have thought about this day many times, but never really thought it would arrive. And yet, here it is. It did arrive. We made it after all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This one has had me stumped all week. I had the merging of rivers at the Missouri Headwaters in my brain, and couldn’t seem to get past it. I didn’t have time to drive down there, so I had to come up with something else. Something at home, preferably. What comes together at home? Well, lots of things, I suppose, but I chose to focus on lunch. What are two things that come together in perfect harmony every day at tables across the globe? Peanut butter and jelly, of course.