Finishing Touches

I’m not sure exactly what the funky contraption in the bathroom was, but I think it was supposedĀ to be a towel holder. The only problem was that if you were any towel other than the one on top, you were not only impossible to hang up, but you were guaranteed to almost never dry. Not to mention you would have to dig for your toilet paper, which would probably be wet as well. Needless to say, except for Rob, who put his bath towel on the very top, we didn’t use the thing.

So, since Rob is a master fixer and builder, I asked him to make us a functional towel bar. The kids have hooks over the bathroom door, but it would be nice to be able to hang two towels side by side. And, since painting the bathroom was still on my to-do list, I figured I would do that while he was making a new towel bar. We decided on a simple tan color, similar to sand, so that down the road we can go with a beach theme. It looks much cleaner and Rob’s towel bar turned out perfectly, as his creations always do.

I think this was the final project we wanted to do inside the RV. Overall I think it looks pretty good in here with fresh paint and flooring. A little more organizing and we will be good to go. I suppose this is a good thing, because we are getting really close to hitting the road, and it would be really helpful if everything is in its place by then.