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Art in the Park

Saturday found us down at Giant Springs, one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in Great Falls, Montana.

The fish at the hatchery are always fun to feed, although since many other people had the same idea, they were not as hungry as they have been on other days. This is a good thing for them, of course.

The kids even found a snake in the river. I had to remind William a dozen times that he was not to catch it to take it home. Luckily it was just a baby. 

There was also Art in the Park going on. Many artists were set up all around the park and they had their easels set up and were painting and drawing. People have some amazing talent and it was neat to walk around and see all the variety.


6 thoughts on “Art in the Park

  1. I, too, love that park. You have gotten some beautiful pictures from there. I prefer to do my painting in the comfort of my home. Don’t have to pack up the car with all my gear, pack it into the park or wherever the scene is, do a little bit of painting, pack it all back up and drag it back to the car, then drag it all back into the house. I’ll just take the photograph and paint it at home. And since I don’t paint wet on wet, it would take me several days of trips to the scene to get it done. Whew! I’m tired already! What shall I paint next……

  2. You have so many talents it isn’t even funny! We just don’t share any of them! Besides that, you like to paint, too, just not on canvas.

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