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My Troops

I have failed to keep my troops busy today. When they aren’t busy, they get bored, and when they get bored, they begin to bicker, and when they begin to bicker, I go crazy. 

I am sure my sister and I drove my parents crazy, but for some reason, I only remember being quiet, peaceful, 100% agreeable, darling little girls. We never bickered, never fought. I suppose that if I were to ask my parents, they might disagree. They probably have horror stories. Lots and lots of horror stories. But, if I don’t ask them, then they won’t tell you the truth. This is my plan anyway. 

My troops require constant activity. On Friday I walked them on the River Trail for 4.5 hours. Saturday consisted of 5.5 hours of walking around the fair in the heat of the day, riding ride after ride. Today they played for two hours, but apparently that was not enough. The bickering has begun. And I am one step closer to crazy.

I suppose in a way my children are similar to high-energy dogs. I have to throw the stick for them over and over and over again, because if I don’t, then they get bored and start to chew on our couch. And, since Rob and I sleep on that couch, this is simply not an option.

So I have to run them. Day in, day out. Day in, day out. I have to keep on throwing that stick. Idleness is not an option, neither is certified crazy, although around here it just might help. I’m not ready to find out, though, so for now… 

Run, run, run!!!!

4 thoughts on “My Troops

  1. That sounds a lot like what I’ve been doing all summer!!!!! Run, run, run indeed!!! 😀 (plus, I’d also ditto that kids are like dogs in that every bush, every stick and pebble has to be studied with great attention and every once in a while they need to go make a pee behind a tree too…) Happy days. Sharon

  2. Don’t worry, dear, the time’s coming when they will be a little lower maintenance. In the meantime……run, run, run!!!!!!!!!

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