Sisters, Sickness and Signs of Summer

When my sister and I were younger, we went to an amusement park down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were friends with a pair of sisters, and, if I recall correctly, their mom took us all there for a day. I wish I could remember the name of the park, but I cannot seem to bring it to memory. Uncle Cliff’s perhaps? That sounds familiar, but who knows from what part of my brain I pulled the name.

My sister, being brave in her youth, decided to go on a very scary looking ride called the Zipper. Me, being somewhat less brave, decided to leave my feet planted safely on the ground.

So there I was, standing beside our friends’ mom, Jackie, when it began to… rain. Rain in the dead of summer in Albuquerque wasn’t exactly expected, especially on a bright sunny day. None-the-less, Jackie felt drips on her shoulder, and we both found ourselves staring at the sky. Only above us wasn’t exactly sky, but the cages of the terror ride. And, in the cage directly over our heads, was my sister in all her motion-sick glory, vomiting through the cage.

For those of you who know me, I have very few memories from my childhood, but I remember this. And so now, every time I see the Zipper,  I think of my sister. And summer. And vomit.

While we were at the fair today, we came upon just such a ride, and my children, being the brave souls that they are, well, two out of three anyway, decided they wanted to go on it. I am just happy they are tall enough to ride these unaccompanied, because you could not pay me enough to get on that ride. I got dizzy just watching the cages go round and round.

Regardless, those of us on the ground stayed dry, thank goodness. Nobody felt the need to vomit during the ride, though I am sure at least one or two would have once it was over. According to William, the worse thing that happened was his little sister screaming, “I WANT MY MOM!!”  This I can handle, because it means that even though my baby girl is now big enough to go on this crazy-scary ride all by herself, she still wants here mama when it scares the tar out of her.

It was a great day, though. I am glad the fair only happens once a year because it costs a not-so-small fortune to take the family. The kids all felt pretty cool being able to ride the big rides by themselves, and Rob and I had many good laughs over the looks on their faces. We are now exhausted, crispy, and ready for a good night’s sleep.