I can canoe…

…canoe canoe??

We have been on the lookout for a canoe for quite some time. With the kids getting bigger, we have somewhat outgrown the kick boats, but we still like to be able to get out on the water. Canoe’s are lightweight, portable and affordable, so we decided that would be a good route to go.

Rob has a wonderful story about a canoe that he used to own. Apparently, the first time he took it out on the water, his psychotic dog tipped it, in front of an audience no less. He promptly got rid of the canoe and hadn’t considered one again, until more recently.

Assured that we had no dog to tip the boat, we began keeping our eyes open for a canoe. A couple of weeks ago, we came across one that was right up our little alley. We have been driving around with it on top of the car ever since, and just yesterday found the time to put it in the water for the first time.

Unfortunately, we don’t all fit in the canoe, so we also took out one of the kick boats. For safety’s sake, we practiced rolling out of the canoe and then reentering without tipping it. It went  pretty well. I had the camera, and was in the kick boat to start, so I didn’t have to bail out into the cold water.  One might say I planned it that way…

Much to my surprise, even Rob bailed out. It was great to watch the kids work together so Rob was able to climb back in without tipping it.

Afterward, we paddled across the pond and the kids played in the water. Eventually William took over the kick boat and I impressed myself by climbing from that boat into the canoe without falling in the water.

We all enjoy being on the water, and it was nice to be able to spend some time out together.

On a side note, we learned that perhaps our eldest son is Rob’s old dog reincarnated…