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Your Secret’s Safe with Me

If there is one thing I know very well about my dad, it is that he does not like to make a big deal about his birthday. He would prefer they come and go unnoticed. So, in honor of his wishes, I am not going to mention that today is his birthday. And because I value my life, I will definitely not tell you that he is turning 65 today. I will allow his birthday to go by unnoticed. Because I know that is what he would want. Nothing. Nothing at all. And it is not my dad’s birthday. Not today…    

But, if it were his birthday, which of course it is not, then I would take the opportunity to tell him how wonderful he is. Tell him how special he is to me. How much I love him. How happy I am that he’s my Daddy. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be his birthday for me to share these things with him, so I will do so today, a day which is not his birthday.

I love you , Daddy!! And don’t you worry, I won’t tell anyone that today is your BIRTHDAY. Your secret is safe with me.

On the left is my dad, who is not celebrating a birthday today. In the middle is me, who may not live much longer after this post is published. And on the right is my beautiful mom, who has somehow survived putting up with us all these years.

6 thoughts on “Your Secret’s Safe with Me

  1. Happy Birthday Daddy-O….. 65 today! you look too young to be that age..you are wearing well..probably due to having such a beautiful family….

    anyway I will not tell anyone else THAT IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Daddy-O! Happy Birthday to you! You look to young to be 65, maybe iyou are wearing well because your beautiful family make you so happy and laughing and smiling keeps you young!
    As Mariah says…” your secret is safe with me..I won’t tell a soul”

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