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Welcome Summer

When I look out the window this morning, summer is the last thing that comes to mind. The sky is grey. It’s cold. Raining. Gloomy.

I am a lover of summer. I crave the heat. The feel of the warm sun on my face. Rob says I am solar-powered. I think perhaps he is right.

So here we are. The official beginning of summer. The longest day of the year. And it feels as though fall has arrived. Fall. At the end of June.

Luckily it is supposed to warm up starting tomorrow. Hopefully the sunshine will come back out to play. I miss him terribly. The warm season seems too short around here as it is, but I guess sometimes cold’s grip is just a little too strong.

I think I will spend the first day of summer curled up on the couch, buried under a warm blanket, good book in hand, hot cup of cocoa within arms reach.

Welcome summer. I have been waiting for you…

5 thoughts on “Welcome Summer

  1. A month ago I would not have said this..but today ” you can have the heat that we have. I will parcel it up and post it to you”… From 9am till 9pm the temperature is between 30-34..one day is fine but day after day is not. Just one good storm would cool it down. My animals do not like it either…..The sun is out before I wake up and stays here all day…Anyway You have your lovely Rob to brighten your day

  2. I, too, like the warmth. But unlike your weather, we are expecting 82 today and 95 tomorrow. It’s baking time! I hope to be golden brown by the time I go to Hawaii in a little less than a month. WooooHoooo!!!!!:):)

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