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Summer Kick-off

Memorial Day weekend. The unofficial start of the summer season. Probably the first big travel weekend of the year. Campgrounds will be packed. The lakes will be filled with motor boats and jet skis. People everywhere will be nursing sunburns…

Well, not everywhere, I suppose. People here are not at risk of getting sunburned this weekend. Nor are our lakes and rivers at risk of being overloaded with boats.

Here it is raining. And cold. Very cold. Our temperatures are looking to be in the 40’s throughout the weekend. Not exactly camping weather.

We will be hunkered down, warm soup on the stove, hot cocoa nearby. A perfect weekend for a movie marathon.

Rob is on-call and I have to work, so we would not have been able to go anywhere anyway, but I think the weather has made many, many people rethink their weekend plans. I guess they can’t all be warm and sunny…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Stay warm… and dry.  


4 thoughts on “Summer Kick-off

  1. we may be thousands of miles apart Mariah but our weather is as bad as yours. It’s supposed to be Summer..the Swallows are here and so are the Storks. It never rains when they are here but this year it has hardly stopped. so to anyone who has good weather …please send some to Mariah and Rob and to me in Bulgaria

  2. It’s only supposed to be 70 today, but at least we’re warmer than you guys! Hopefully it’s warmer when you all come to visit! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your movies and hot chocolate!

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