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5 thoughts on “My 52: Week 17

  1. How sweet! I love going down to the park to see the new babies. We went to Lucky Peak yesterday to see the Rooster Tail, for the first time since we moved here. Took us long enough! It was really cool and well worth the traffic line to get up close for pictures.

      • It’s when they let out the excess water from the reservoir and the slot that the water comes out of is slanted up so the water shoots up into the air, to prevent erosion in the river, and looks like a rooster tail coming back down to the ground. It’s really quite impressive.

  2. It’s amazing something so adorably cute can come from something so ugly. It’s not that the parents are hideous, but they’re striking, and not attractive. And yet their little goslings couldn’t possibly be any cuter. Even their chirping is wonderfully a relaxing sound. Too bad they can’t stay like that forever…

    Two clutches have been spotted in Seattle, but they’re a little early.

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