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Fishing with Dad

Fly-fishing is one of Rob’s favorite activities, and since the weather is warming up, it is time once again to hit the water.

  The boys have always enjoyed fishing, but now they are ready to learn how to fly fish with Dad.

And while the fishing lessons are going on just down the shore, Catheryn is perfectly content to play and explore.

Rob was convinced that there were fish close by, so the three boys snuck up on the perfect fishing hole.

Eventually, the boys tired of waiting for a fish to bite, so they slowly disappeared to do other things, leaving Dad to man the fishing pole. He has more patience than anyone, and it wasn’t long before he had a Fish On!!

He caught a cute little rainbow trout, but it was the first one of the year and everyone was excited. The kids all pet him and then we put him back into the river.

We saw lots of wildlife as well. There were a lot of deer out, both mule and white-tail, and pronghorn, too. My personal favorite, though, was the eagle perched up on the rock, watching for a fish of his own.

5 thoughts on “Fishing with Dad

  1. And a great day was had by all, especially Rob! The boys will eventually acquire the patience needed to be good fishermen. Maybe that eagle was hoping he could catch the cute little tired trout Rob had just let go.

    • I apoloize, Sir. Your fish was not “cute”, he was ADORABLE!!!! And he wasn’t small, either. He started out at about 12 inches, and I believe he is up to somewhere around 16, so he is “growing” by the day!!!

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