Rest in Peace, Bailey B.

It all began with four little words: “Free black lab puppy.”

  Those seemingly simple words changed our lives forever.  They brought us you, Bailey B.

And what a treasure you turned out to be. Loving. Patient. Loyal. Energetic. Absolutely wonderful.

But time flew by and your endless, youthful energy slowly gave way. Those legs that used to carry you over the river and through the woods gave out. Your eyes pleading, “What do I do?” I stared back, my heart breaking. The very same question on my mind. “What do I do?”

We weren’t ready to let you go, but then again, we never would be. We humans are selfish. We would rather have you here. But today you told us that it was time to let you go. We had to honor that request.  

And as we stood beside you, the breath slowly leaving your body, I knew there would never be another as wonderful as you. 

Did we deserve you? Did we do good by you? Did we do enough? I hope with all my heart that we did.

How are we supposed to live without you? How do we go camping without our Bailey B? How do we do anything without you by our side?

I know you are in a better place. You are young again, chasing your tennis ball for hours on end. I know you are not in pain. I know that eventually every sun must set. And you, after a lifetime of touching so many hearts, had a beautiful sunset indeed.

I love you, Bailey. I always have and always will. Forever. For always… Rest in Peace, Dear One. Rest in Peace.

Bailey B.
March 1999 - April 12, 2012