Making a Mascot

We decided some time ago that Waldo needed a mascot. The most fun way to do this was to head to Build-a-Bear Workshop and let everyone work together to create our own personalized critter.

Once a bear was picked out, we had to decide on a sound. Our bear sings “I Want Candy.”

The kids all held the pedal  down as our bear was filled with fluff.

Normally, the kid who is getting the bear gets to kiss a heart before putting it in his bear, but since we have three kids all sharing one bear, our bear has three hearts.

After being all stitched up, the kids fluffed up our bear’s fur and gave her a brushing.

Choosing clothes was even more difficult than choosing a critter, if that was possible.

 After what seemed like forever, the kids all had their items and were able to dress the bear.

She’s not as glamorous or perfectly accessorized as the display bears are, but T.B. turned out pretty cute. Perhaps she’s a little bit awkward, but she fits in just perfectly with the rest of us.