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Adventures in Leprechauning

“If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough!”  ~Irish Saying

At school yesterday, some of the teachers had fun leaving signs of a leprechaun visit. Down in the kindergarten classrooms, the teachers tipped over chairs, threw paper all over the floor, put green food coloring in the toilet, make leprechaun footprints and left glitter trails. The kids had so much fun trying to find “Lucky.” They were even convinced he was inside the ball box out on the playground.

On the second floor, third grade had placed a leprechaun trap at the top of the stairs. They put a potato in it in hopes of catching the elusive leprechaun.

Around lunch time, I was asked if I would take the potato out of the trap and replace it with a clue on where to find the leprechaun. Shortly after I did this, the class picked up the clue on their way down to the gym. I then was supposed to sneak  into their room, put a small taste of Mountain Dew on each desk, sprinkle glitter all over, tip some chairs and leave another note from the leprechaun, letting the kids know that they weren’t quite quick enough to catch him.

I guess I was having a little too much fun playing the leprechaun and messing up the classroom, because while I was still in the room, I heard the teacher out in the hall. I had been working in the dark, so without the light on, the teacher thought I was all done, and she led her class back into the room. 

AHHH!! I couldn’t let them catch me, so I ducked behind the teacher’s desk. I had no idea what I was supposed to do from there, so I just hid, and hoped nobody would go to the front of the  room and see me. After a minute or so, the teacher headed up front and looked a little startled to see me crouched there on the floor. I mouthed, “HELP!” and she set about keeping all the kids away from her desk.

It didn’t work, though, and before I knew it, I was spotted by a third grader. I had no idea what to do, so I opened a drawer on the desk and said, “Did you say it was in here? ‘Cause I can’t find it.” Then I opened a couple other drawers trying my best to look innocent.

I avoided a few questions on my way out of the room, and disappeared as fast as possible. 

I thought I had blown it, but I overheard one of the students telling another teacher all about how the leprechaun had been in their classroom and made a big mess. I guess they fell for it after all.  Now that’s lucky.  🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Leprechauning

  1. If you had been wearing a little green outfit with a green top hat and carrying a pot of gold then, I think you would have been found out. Nice save!

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