Another Project

The problem with having a desk that doubles as a book shelf is that your space eventually turns into the catch-all. Catheryn knows all about this.

She hasn’t been able to use her desk for quite some time, so a book shelf seemed to be in order. Not to mention that in a space this small, this is a huge waste of space.


We now have space for more of the kids’ books and Catheryn has her desk back. Not bad for a days work.


A Sure Sign

Around here, there are few things more exciting than seeing the robins return after their winter absence. Rob thought he might have heard one the other morning. Today, he was sure he had. Then this afternoon, while on our way to rent a movie, we spotted one. Playing in the leaves was a big, plump, beautiful little girl. She sure did bring smiles to our faces. Spring is on its way for sure!

First robin of 2012


My 52 – Week 8

For Valentine’s Day, Rob surprised me with a new lens for the camera. Anxious to try out my new zoom/macro, we went down to the river on a sunny evening. There were two geese hanging out together on the edge of the ice. Normally if I were to get close enough to take their picture, they would turn and walk or swim away, leaving me with a nice view of their back ends. But with my new lens, I was able to sit back on the grass and take pictures without bothering the geese. They reminded me of an old married couple, sitting on their porch, enjoying the sunset together.


Thank you for the wonderful gift, Honey!! I sure do love you. 🙂

A Splash of Blue

When we first moved back to Montana, it took me three trips to the DMV before I could get our van registered. So when I went to the DMV earlier this week to register Waldo, I expected much of the same. The stars must have been aligned or something, because much to my surprise, I walked out of the office with plates in my hand. And not just any old plates, but permanently registered plates. As long as we live here in Montana, we will not have  to pay for Waldo’s registration again. You should have heard the kids squeal when they realized we will now be able to take Waldo on adventures. I still can’t hear right… 🙂

North Shore Trail

There is a trail that runs along the river out by Ryan Dam and the Great Falls. The last few times we have been out there, the trail has been closed. (This also happens to be where we went star gazing on Christmas evening and saw a shooting star.) When we ventured out that way yesterday, the trail was open.


So our little family of 5 headed out down the trail, to see what we could see.

It was a nice day, sunny, but windy. Of course around here if the wind isn’t blowing, you start to get nervous. The geese were out in full force down on the river, an immature bald eagle flew overhead. Mule deer bucks were startled by our presence and took off up the hillside. One still had both antlers and another was missing one. Two bald eagles soared overhead, coasting on the breeze, perhaps looking for breakfast. The boys collected lots of pretty rocks while Catheryn carried her pony babies. We saw coyote tracks and William was having fun pointing out all the scat.


We eventually ended up out at the dry falls. We actually passed two falls that had long since dried up, but the second one was much larger than the first and was the one mentioned on the trail marker signs. It was a pretty neat place to be, and imagining water rushing down wasn’t hard to do.

We hiked about four miles round-trip and everyone had a great time. It was a great way to spend some quality time together. Except for being a little (or a lot)  wind-blown, we all arrived back to the van in one piece, where we were greeted by our sweet ole’ Bailey B.   

 ps – Take a peek at picture #5 five to see if you can spot my lense cap. (Hint: it may have rolled/blown/bounced its way over the falls…)


William usually sits in front of Nathan in the van, but lately they have been picking at each other, so Rob decided they needed to switch seats. This morning when we were loading up, Rob heard whimpering in the back.

“Somebody’s crying back there,” Rob said.

“Nathan made a crumb-tastrophy out of this seat!” cried William