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And Finally, a Name

It seems necessary for RV’s to have a name. They are, after all, a part of every adventure you go on. Besides, if it doesn’t have a name, what exactly do you call it? The house? The RV? The camper? The… what, exactly? Precisely. This is why they need a name.

We have been in our RV for three months now, and still it remained nameless.

So tonight, while making a list of things to do, I put Name the RV at the top of my list. A little while later, while thinking of possibilities, I was reminded of a popular children’s book series, Where’s Waldo, by Martin Hanford.

On every page, Waldo is in a new place, with new people. You never know where he will turn up. Where’s Waldo going to be today? Who knows, and that’s half the fun. It was perfect.

So in honor of an adventurous little character in red and white stripes, we have named our RV Waldo.  


4 thoughts on “And Finally, a Name

  1. It’s perfect!!! We look forward to being your week-end neighbors. You can help us name ours! Not that we use it often enough for it to have a name except “Hey, you!”

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