My 52

I love the idea of coming up with a theme to follow throughout the year. At this point in time, though, I am not able to commit to a daily post, even though I would really like to. So instead of doing My 365, I have decided to do My 52. Daily may be just out of reach right now, but weekly is feasible.

One of my favorite things about this town are the birds. Water fowl to be more specific. The geese are thick throughout the year, flying overhead in mass numbers, covering the river, resting in the parks. The pelicans arrive in the springtime, adding to the variety. Ducks, like the geese, are here year round, enriching our park experiences, sharing their ducklings with us each spring. And no matter how many times a day the geese pass overhead, I never tire of watching them. Because of this, I have decided on a weekly water fowl photo. If it hangs out in the water, it will be a part of My 52.

I only have two days until the first week of January is over, I guess I better get busy.

Nathan’s Turn

I was beginning to think Nathan would never lose his baby teeth. William lost a couple of teeth in kindergarten, so did Catheryn. But here Nathan is, a few short weeks away from his 7th birthday, and all of his baby teeth are still intact.

At least that was the case, until today. He came home with a wiggly tooth, and was determined to get it out. Of course in our house if you want a tooth pulled out, you go ask Dad. So armed with a piece of toilet paper, Nathan did just that. With a swift tug, Rob had the tooth out, and Nathan didn’t even know it. When he finally realized what had happened, he yelled, “I pulled my tooth out!!” The other kids were jumping up and down, congratulating Nathan on pulling out his first tooth, while Rob sat there looking on, everyone having forgotten that he was the one who actually removed the tooth. Nathan spent the rest of the night with a hand-held mirror, admiring his handy work, thinking he was the coolest thing since shirt pockets.

Now Nathan is sound asleep, his very first lost tooth safely under his pillow, dreams of the Tooth Fairy dancing in is head. He is going to have some story-telling to do tomorrow.


Nathan's first lost tooth - 1-4-12