Happy Halloween!

Tis time once again for pumpkin carving, caramel apples, sweet and scary costumes, and let us not forget the candy. Lots and lots of candy.

I miss the days of Halloween parties and costume parades at school, but they aren’t allowed to do that anymore, so we are doing as much as we can at home.


We carved our pumpkins yesterday. Catheryn took most of the afternoon just to get the guts out of hers, compete with an (apparently) mandatory whine of Ewww, gross after every yummy handful, while Nathan prefered I get the guts out so he had more time for carving. William, of course, gutted his and carved it by himself. So armed with butter knives, the kids turned their orange balls into characters, and they turned out pretty stinkin’ cute.


Nathan and I also made caramel apples for his class. He helped melt the caramel and then played photographer as I drizzled it over the apple slices. They turned out cute. And tasty. Unfortunately, our house got a little too warm last night and when I checked on them this morning, instead of caramel apples, we simply had apples swimming in a pool of liquid goo. Shucks. Oh well, we stopped at the store on the way to school and picked up some goldfish and white-chocolate pretzels. Not quite what we had planned, but a snack none-the-less.

Unfortunately I have to work tonight, so Rob will be the one taking the kids out for their tricks and treats, followed by a family friendly carnival at the Fairgrounds. Nathan told me he would save me some chocolate since I have to work on Happy Halloween, my sweet little boy.

Fall Colors

We ventured out yesterday for some fall pictures. The colors really are beautiful this time of year. If only it weren’t so cold…

We bribed the kids – their cooperation with pictures in exchange for candy when we were done. I think it was a good deal. I got a few pictures, they got some candy, and everyone was happy in the end. You can’t beat that with a stick.


The view along the river was beautiful as well. I love the way the sun makes the water sparkle.

A Little Remodel

When we bought our little 1-bedroom house, Rob and I quickly decided that the bedroom would suit us much better if it belonged to the kids rather than us. Since it came with a queen bed, the remodel began almost immediately. Unfortunately, Rob was much quicker than I was, so by the time I made it outside with the camera, he already had the room emptied out, not to mention the new flooring down. But I can tell you that all of this

and this


and this

came out of the little bedroom. When I saw the room, it looked something like this:


The kids had picked out the flooring they liked and I painted the walls to freshen them up a little.


Rob began building the bunks, and pretty soon the room started taking shape.


We painted the kids’ beds to match their favorite color, but the boys’ boards got mixed up and William ended up with the green board up on his top bunk and Nathan had the orange one down on the bottom. Rather than switch beds, they decided color wasn’t that important, so they agreed to switch boards instead.

Rob built some desks so they each have their own little work space, and it didn’t take long for the room to start looking like home.


I am currently working on curtains and we are adding a few things to make it more personalized, not to mention we still need to pick up chairs for the desks, but for now, it is working. I will have to share some more pictures once we have the final touches done.

The little room turned out great. Rob did an amazing job, especially considering how limited he was on time.

A special Thank You goes out to Rob’s sister, Mary Beth, and her husband, Jim, for their help! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so very much!!!!

And before I go, I would like to share one  more picture with you. We will call this one CAUTION: MAN AT WORK.

Mini Vacation

The kids and I are currently sitting in the laundry mat, paying an obsecene amount of money to do our laundry. But look! There’s free Wi-Fi!! I guess that makes the extra dollar per load worth it…

The kids are coloring, I am catching  up with you, our clothes are going round and round in the dryer, and we are all enjoying the day off of school. This morning, while the kids were lying around watching a movie, I had a flashback to the lazy days of summer, only it is definitely not summer outside anymore. I cannot complain about the weather, though. The trees are beautiful and we haven’t had any snow yet. Thank Goodness!!! The sun still comes out to warm the afternoons, making perfect napping weather. One can dream anyway.

I think tomorrow we will head off in search of some fun fall photos.

Finding My Way Back

After a crazy month, we are finally making our way back to a life that resembles some sort of normalcy. I have so many things that I wish to share with you and I cannot wait to get back into a regular blogging routine. Free Wi-Fi is one one my new friends. I will have to get to know him a little better and will do my best to meet with him on a regular basis. For now, though, I must go to work. I just wanted to hop in to say Hello, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have missed you terribly and look forward to catching up. Until tomorrow…

Cats and Dogs

I find it interesting just how differently Remington and Bailey react when moving time rolls around.

On one side, we have Remi. He becomes very clingy, very chatty, meowing and purring almost constantly. He has become my shadow. He gets nervous when we pack to go camping for two days, boxes lining the walls is a little more than he can handle. He is on my lap as soon a I sit down, and he always has that look in his eyes, the pleading, begging us not to leave him.  

And then there’s Bailey. He is oblivious. Nothing bothers that pooch, not the boxes, not the coming and going. He just stretches himself out on a newly cleared piece of floor, usually right in our path so we have to step over him a million times, and sleeps like a baby. Partly because he is getting older and sleeping is his favorite thing to do, and partly because there is not a doubt in his mind that wherever we go, we’re taking him with us.

He’s right, though. We would never him. Or Remi. Or the turtle or rabbit or lizard for that matter, although they, too, are oblivious. Nobody is being left behind.   

“My love, wherever I go, I take you with me.”  ~Melissa Etheridge



Lots To Do

To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure how much of our current situation I should share here. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to give out too much information, but I have a hard time pretending everything is peachy, when our plate is covered with lemons. But as Rob said, with so much going on, how can I not blog about it? I can’t argue with that.

We are in the process of moving. Not quite a normal move from one house to another, but from this rental house into a 30 foot motor home. I will share the story of the motor home with you later, but for now, we have 11 days to empty this little house, get everything into storage, load the house-on-wheels with the things we can keep with us, and move to a somewhat permanent location, not to mention getting this place spick-and-span for the landlord.

And while all this is going on, Rob is also in the process of converting the single bedroom motor home into a bunk house for the kids…

I am wishing I had waited a little while longer to get a second job. It would be so much easier if I were home in the evenings to pack and keep the kids on task with homework, instead of making Rob do it all while I am at work. But, as Rob is always saying, it is what it is, and we are doing the best we can.

Perhaps once October 6th arrives, we will be reminded once again what sleep feels like…