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A Night of Tricks and Treats

I love how excited the kids get when Halloween rolls around. To them, nothing is more exciting than being able to go around the neighborhood gathering candy. Ah, the innocence of youth.


Rob took them trick-or-treating in the neighborhood behind the house. When I called them around 7:45, they were hitting their last block before heading home. They had a blast. They even stopped by to see me at work on their way home and brought me some candy. When I made my way home, they had left me a pile on the table. Such sweet kids.

I guess now it is time for them  to start talking about what they want to be next year. They will change their minds a million times, but that is part of the fun. Hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Happy November! 

Here are some pictures from Rob:


2 thoughts on “A Night of Tricks and Treats

  1. Looks like they had fun. I’m glad. And it’s never too early to start thinking about next year! That’s part of the fun for them.

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