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Happy Halloween!

Tis time once again for pumpkin carving, caramel apples, sweet and scary costumes, and let us not forget the candy. Lots and lots of candy.

I miss the days of Halloween parties and costume parades at school, but they aren’t allowed to do that anymore, so we are doing as much as we can at home.


We carved our pumpkins yesterday. Catheryn took most of the afternoon just to get the guts out of hers, compete with an (apparently) mandatory whine of Ewww, gross after every yummy handful, while Nathan prefered I get the guts out so he had more time for carving. William, of course, gutted his and carved it by himself. So armed with butter knives, the kids turned their orange balls into characters, and they turned out pretty stinkin’ cute.


Nathan and I also made caramel apples for his class. He helped melt the caramel and then played photographer as I drizzled it over the apple slices. They turned out cute. And tasty. Unfortunately, our house got a little too warm last night and when I checked on them this morning, instead of caramel apples, we simply had apples swimming in a pool of liquid goo. Shucks. Oh well, we stopped at the store on the way to school and picked up some goldfish and white-chocolate pretzels. Not quite what we had planned, but a snack none-the-less.

Unfortunately I have to work tonight, so Rob will be the one taking the kids out for their tricks and treats, followed by a family friendly carnival at the Fairgrounds. Nathan told me he would save me some chocolate since I have to work on Happy Halloween, my sweet little boy.

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