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Fall Colors

We ventured out yesterday for some fall pictures. The colors really are beautiful this time of year. If only it weren’t so cold…

We bribed the kids – their cooperation with pictures in exchange for candy when we were done. I think it was a good deal. I got a few pictures, they got some candy, and everyone was happy in the end. You can’t beat that with a stick.


The view along the river was beautiful as well. I love the way the sun makes the water sparkle.

6 thoughts on “Fall Colors

  1. The day was a success if your photos are anything to go by – they are excellent; I especially love the one of the kids faces in the tree – it’s a keeper!

  2. I, too, love the falls colors. I enjoy painting them. Your monkeys are great tree climbers and look great bathed in gold. We love and miss you guys.

  3. Mariah,

    What a great set of Autumn photos! Very effective use of fill-in flash on that first one. The one of your kids amoung the tree branches rivals anything a professional portrait photographer could do. ( A good year to send out photo Thansgiving cards?)

    The last photo, viewed full-screen, looks like a painting. –John

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