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Mini Vacation

The kids and I are currently sitting in the laundry mat, paying an obsecene amount of money to do our laundry. But look! There’s free Wi-Fi!! I guess that makes the extra dollar per load worth it…

The kids are coloring, I am catching  up with you, our clothes are going round and round in the dryer, and we are all enjoying the day off of school. This morning, while the kids were lying around watching a movie, I had a flashback to the lazy days of summer, only it is definitely not summer outside anymore. I cannot complain about the weather, though. The trees are beautiful and we haven’t had any snow yet. Thank Goodness!!! The sun still comes out to warm the afternoons, making perfect napping weather. One can dream anyway.

I think tomorrow we will head off in search of some fun fall photos.

4 thoughts on “Mini Vacation

  1. Indeed there are some beautiful fall colors out there. Your father and I have been going down to the park every week-end to watch the colors change from week to week. We’ve gotten some very pretty shots. And we all know what wonderful pictures you take so we’re looking forward to seeing what you take. Glad you get some time off from school to enjoy the fall colors. We love and miss all of you very much!

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