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Finding My Way Back

After a crazy month, we are finally making our way back to a life that resembles some sort of normalcy. I have so many things that I wish to share with you and I cannot wait to get back into a regular blogging routine. Free Wi-Fi is one one my new friends. I will have to get to know him a little better and will do my best to meet with him on a regular basis. For now, though, I must go to work. I just wanted to hop in to say Hello, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have missed you terribly and look forward to catching up. Until tomorrow…

8 thoughts on “Finding My Way Back

  1. great to hear from you again Mariah. Have you moved into your new temporary home?

    Your friends on WordPress are always here and will not forget you..we just patiently wait

  2. We haven’t forgotten about you, we are still here!
    It’s good to hear that things are getting back to “normal” again for you and I am looking forward to your next post – when you are ready, and have gotten to know your new Wi-Fi friend a little better!

  3. Welcome back! We have missed you all terribly and are excited to see some new adventures as you settle into your new life. We love you!

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