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Cats and Dogs

I find it interesting just how differently Remington and Bailey react when moving time rolls around.

On one side, we have Remi. He becomes very clingy, very chatty, meowing and purring almost constantly. He has become my shadow. He gets nervous when we pack to go camping for two days, boxes lining the walls is a little more than he can handle. He is on my lap as soon a I sit down, and he always has that look in his eyes, the pleading, begging us not to leave him.  

And then there’s Bailey. He is oblivious. Nothing bothers that pooch, not the boxes, not the coming and going. He just stretches himself out on a newly cleared piece of floor, usually right in our path so we have to step over him a million times, and sleeps like a baby. Partly because he is getting older and sleeping is his favorite thing to do, and partly because there is not a doubt in his mind that wherever we go, we’re taking him with us.

He’s right, though. We would never him. Or Remi. Or the turtle or rabbit or lizard for that matter, although they, too, are oblivious. Nobody is being left behind.   

“My love, wherever I go, I take you with me.”  ~Melissa Etheridge



One thought on “Cats and Dogs

  1. Our kitties get anxious when we get ready to leave, too. They’re mad at us when we come back but they get over it. Remi thinks you’re leaving him but we all know better. And he’ll know that, too, after you get moved and he’s right there with you, looking for “his” spot.

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