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We Survived!

After a wonderful summer off, today was the first day back to school. Quite honestly, I was dreading it. The butterflies in my stomach were eating me alive, but I feel so much better now that it is over. The kids all had a good day and like their teachers. They will have to get used to new schedules and changes from last year, but that is bound to happen every year.

First Day of School ~ 2011

(Just in case you were wondering, Catheryn never wears matching socks…) 

My day went well, too. They did away with the LIbrary Aide position, so this year I am a Teacher’s Aide. I still have lunchroom and recess duty, but I will also be doing bulletin boards and teacher requests. I, too, have changes and a new schedule to get used to, but it should be a pretty good year. 

I’m just happy to be rid of those butterflies!

4 thoughts on “We Survived!

  1. I’m so glad you all had a great first day of school! Butterflies in the stomach are always so annoying and a relief when they go away. The kids look super in their first day attire! I think Catey gets her two different socks thing from her aunt Donna. We love you and miss you all!

  2. Yep, them thar butterflies have a lot to answer for.

    But they heighten your instincts and make you more aware of new things.

    I am glad that you like your new job Mariah. My daughter Rebecca is a Teachers Aid Higher Grade(as fron September) so for her there will be butterflies as well.

    love to you all

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