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Beating the Crowd

The boys have discovered that it is great fun to ride their bikes at the skateboard park. At least a morning or two a week, we head over before the crowd wakes up. It is quiet so I don’t have to worry as much about collisions, and the boys have a little more freedom to just ride.


This morning, Nathan was more interested in grasshoppers, so William pretty much had the park to himself. He was feeling brave and tried some new ramps. He is quite fun to watch, especially since he has a habit of sucking in his cheeks when he is concentrating.

So William is learning new tricks, Catheryn is sliding down all the rails, Nathan is giving grasshoppers rides in his Lego car, and I am watching my kids, each in their own little world, enjoy one of the last few mornings of summer vacation.

5 thoughts on “Beating the Crowd

  1. Wow! I would be way too chicken to try those stunts. Way to go William. I’m guessing Nathans turtle had a fresh feast, seems the kids really spoil their pets. I wonder where they learned that?

  2. Glad the kids got in one more big hurrah before the start of school. Will is quite the brave boy. I would be chicken, too. The night before we left, Nathan informed me that he now likes kangaroos, but I still think turtles are up there. Hope Flash enjoyed his meal.

    • Nathan does like kangaroos becasue they hop, but they aren’t even close to replacing turtles. Flash enjoys every meal. As a matter of fact, I think he has probably put on a pound or two since you left!

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