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Pony Rides Cure All

After spending the whole week with a yucky summer stomach bug, Catheryn was finally feeling good enough today to get out of the house. We decided to ride our bikes down to the Farmers Market. Perhaps it was a little much for her, since she had not eaten since Monday, but she forgot all about her weakness once she saw the ponies.

Every time we have visited the market, she has wanted to ride the ponies. Actually, she has wanted to ride just about every pony she has ever seen. I can’t blame her there, I usually want to ride them, too. But today she just happened to have $3 in her purse, the exact amount needed for three laps on the back of a pony.

She was one happy girl, and it sure was good to see her smile again.

6 thoughts on “Pony Rides Cure All

  1. Your Catherine looks about the same age as my grand-daughter Grace, maybe a little younger..but Grace has been potty about horses, ponies, mules, donkeys and any other horse related animal since she was very small. Now she even walks like a horse which is getting very worrying. Maybe she will grow out of it. She comes from a family of horsey people.
    Catherine looked so happy that at last she achieved what she had wanted to do…one contented little girl..at least for the time being!

    • I’m sure Grace will grow out of walking like a horse. Catheryn is a huge fan of making animal noises as she crawls around like that critter, so I think it is just a phase of the age! We lived on a hobby farm before we moved here last summer, and Catheryn loved all the animals. I am not sure she will ever outgrow that! (I know I never did. 🙂 )

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