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Pictures From My Parents

My parents recently flew across the country to visit some good friends. After a week or so of visiting, they took off up the East Coast in search of some great historical sites. They love taking pictures and have been sending some daily so we can see what they have been up to. They have shared everything from old farmhouses and tractors to monuments and museums.

I am always anxious to see what pictures will arrive in my inbox each afternoon. Today I received several from the Museum of Natural History. While the first one was really neat,

 I couldn’t close the second one fast enough. I about fell off my chair trying to get away from the screen. My spine is tingling at the mere thought of uploading it now.

While I would like to think this particular picture was sent by accident, I know better. I can just picture my dad, sitting at his little computer with his famous grin on his face, snickering to himself, perhaps mentioning to Mom that we were probably going to kill him the next time we see him. No, this picture was no accident.

Neither was the second one he sent.    

I would love to share that one, too, but one creepy-crawly eight-legged monster on my screen is more than enough for me.

They still have about a week left of their vacation, and I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from their travels. Hopefully they don’t run into any more… bugs. 

Thanks for the pictures, Mom and Daddy. (Well, most of them anyway…) I hope you are having a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!     


2 thoughts on “Pictures From My Parents

  1. Keeping in touch is so easy these days and it’s great to see your parents taking advantage of it so you get these updates daily – even the photos you didn’t like!
    Isn’t the internet wonderful?

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