We Survived!

After a wonderful summer off, today was the first day back to school. Quite honestly, I was dreading it. The butterflies in my stomach were eating me alive, but I feel so much better now that it is over. The kids all had a good day and like their teachers. They will have to get used to new schedules and changes from last year, but that is bound to happen every year.

First Day of School ~ 2011

(Just in case you were wondering, Catheryn never wears matching socks…) 

My day went well, too. They did away with the LIbrary Aide position, so this year I am a Teacher’s Aide. I still have lunchroom and recess duty, but I will also be doing bulletin boards and teacher requests. I, too, have changes and a new schedule to get used to, but it should be a pretty good year. 

I’m just happy to be rid of those butterflies!

One Day at a Time

Things have been a little more stressful lately than I like them to be. There are big changes in store for us. Some were planned but are happening a little sooner than we had expected, others were unplanned but have been added in order to accommodate other changes. But as Abraham Lincoln once said,

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

I couldn’t agree more. So, that is what we are doing. We are taking it one day at a time, and I am reminding myself daily that all you can do is your best. And just because things don’t turn out the way you hoped or wanted, doesn’t mean they turned out wrong. They just turned out different, and different isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes different is refreshing. Even needed.  

I am not sure I am going to be able to keep up the Post A Day. School starts next week and I am starting a second job as well, so I’m not sure yet how much I will be able to do. Perhaps I will downgrade to Post A Week. Either way, I will still be here. Reading, writing, laughing, crying. But I will be surrounded by this crazy zoo I call family, and that is what matters most of all. 

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way”

~ Christopher Morley



Beating the Crowd

The boys have discovered that it is great fun to ride their bikes at the skateboard park. At least a morning or two a week, we head over before the crowd wakes up. It is quiet so I don’t have to worry as much about collisions, and the boys have a little more freedom to just ride.


This morning, Nathan was more interested in grasshoppers, so William pretty much had the park to himself. He was feeling brave and tried some new ramps. He is quite fun to watch, especially since he has a habit of sucking in his cheeks when he is concentrating.

So William is learning new tricks, Catheryn is sliding down all the rails, Nathan is giving grasshoppers rides in his Lego car, and I am watching my kids, each in their own little world, enjoy one of the last few mornings of summer vacation.

Weekly Photo Callenge: Flowers

While my parents were visiting, we did some exploring and came across a lot of pretty flowers. One of my favorite patches was up by the visitors center. There was a colorful display of flowers with bees buzzing happily all around them.

This next picture is not nearly as colorful, but Nathan is in love with sea turtles, so I wanted to include this one for him.


Heading Home

This morning my parents had to head for home. We had a really nice time dragging them all over the area, but I am sure they are happy to be home now so they can rest! Visits with them always go by way too fast, but I sure am grateful for the time we get to spend together.

Thank you so much for the wonderful visit. We love you and look forward to next time!

Grammy and Grampy