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A Soft Spot

Rob has never been much of a cat person.  Remi is not usually allowed to touch him, or be on his side of the bed, or be in the bathroom at the same time. But I think Rob has a soft spot for Remington P. Cat. He acts as though the cat is a bother, and yet he will feed him his breakfast on a Saturday morning, complete with a splash of milk.

He will reach down and pet him and whisper a sweet little something to him, hoping nobody overheard. Occasionally, he will let the sweet little kitty climb onto his lap. And although he threatens to throw the cat off if I don’t remove him, he never actually does. He even pats Remi’s head from time to time. It is not until I get the camera out for a picture that Rob puts his get-this-cat-off-my-lap face on.

Yep. He loves the cat. He would never in a million years admit it, not even if his life depended on it, but Rob is honest-to-goodness in likes with Remi. Just don’t tell him I told you, it will be our little secret.

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