Diving In

Today was my last day of working summer library at the school and tomorrow is Nathan’s last day of summer school, or Discovery Camp. I confess that I am glad both are ending because we will now have an excuse to sleep in a little bit later, but I am also reminded, once again, that summer is flying by.

Since cleaning out our closet was on my summer to-do list, I decided to tackle it this afternoon. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it before I started, because it was quite the sight. The popular catch-all. Luckily Rob and I are tall, so we were able to stand in the doorway and lean over far enough to reach our clothes on the hangers. Of course lately I haven’t even been using hangers, they were just too hard to get to.

I must say, it is amazing the things you come across when you actually clean things out. My good scissors have been missing for months. They were found today. The glitter glue that went missing, Nathan’s Ironman mask, school supplies that I thought were all used up. Found.

William even found what he thought was a jelly bean. To my horror, he popped it into his mouth. As he walked by me, I heard it crunching. Oh my goodness, please tell me that was a malt ball or something that is supposed to crunch when bitten. No, he says. It tastes like peanut butter! Well, in that case…

All the stuff from the closet had to go somewhere, so it is currently all over our bedroom floor. It was covering the bed, but Rob kindly requested a place to sleep tonight. So besides a small walking path to one side of the bed and a hole large enough for the dog to sleep in, our floor is buried. I guess I know what I will be working on tomorrow.

On the bright side, we can actually walk into the closet again! How cool is that?!