On Growing Up

Our twins have always been a big fan of sucking on their digits. Catheryn favors her first two fingers and Nathan prefers his thumb. We have been trying to break them of this habit, but we have not had any luck yet.

That is, until last Friday…

As we were gathering our things in preparation for camping, I asked Nathan if he had his CowCow. Nathan always sleeps with CowCow, he also only sucks his thumb when he has him. He casually told me that he wasn’t taking CowCow. Seriously? Are you going to be able to sleep without him? Why are you leaving him home?

“Because I’m not sucking my thumb anymore.”

I have not seen his thumb in his mouth since. 

Catheryn has lovies of her own. She rubs her Care Bear “babies” on the side of her face while sucking her fingers. A couple of days ago, she picked up a doll a friend of mine had given me in high school, and I haven’t seen her with her babies since. I don’t think she wants to be left behind in the quest to be “digit-free.”

They are both trying so hard.

CowCow and the Care Bear “Babies” have been wonderful companions for the twinnies, but I think it may be about time for them to make way for other “friends.” I myself have grown quite attached to their lovies over the years. They have always gone along on outings and vacations. It will be strange leaving them home. But, my babies are growing up.

I was thinking about this earlier today, and I remembered William just a few short years ago.

William was also a thumb sucker. I tried and tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn’t.  He didn’t want to take naps anymore, so we made a deal. He stops sucking his thumb and I won’t make him take any more naps. Fine, he said. On my fifth birthday, I will stop. I kid you not, his fifth birthday rolled around, and I never saw his thumb in his mouth again.