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A Change of Plans

Our camping weekend was all set up to be a great one. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way we plan…

Sunset in Helena, MT

The campground we planned on staying at, Plan A,  was full, so we moved on to Plan B. Full. Plan C. Full. I lost track around Plan E.  We ended up all the way down at Canyon Ferry, just outside Helena. Nothing. We gave up around Plan M or so.

Blooming Prickly Pear

About 270 miles and almost six hours later, we pulled back up in front of our house. Defeated. No camp spot, no s’mores, no bug bites. Nothing. All we had to show for our evening of hunting was an empty tank of gas. Nothing left to do but unload the kids and head to bed. Things would look better in the morning.

View from Tower Rock

 I know that in this game called Life, you are supposed to roll with the punches. Sometimes that is easier said than done. So life threw us some lemons. Who cares, right? It happens. What did we do about it? We sulked for a little bit, cleaned the house (because that is always a good activity when you are frustrated), unloaded the trailer, and then, finally, we turned those lemons into lemonade.

William found the Geocache

We hiked up Tower Rock, found a Geocache, cooled off in the river, and headed home, tired and content, for a campout on the living room floor.

The Great Explorers

Life doesn’t always work out the way we plan, but somehow, thank goodness, it always works out.

8 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. No bug bites, a nice hike, flush toilet and a shower….sounds like a great time! Nice to see you all were able to do some more geocaching, looks like fun. (ps. Love the pics).

  2. Go with the flow is a good motto to live by – which you did, and things still worked out in the end!
    I love the flower on that prickly pear, it’s gorgeous!

  3. It is a shame that you travelled all that way for nothing. Maybe next time you could phone ahead to book, even if it is the spur of the moment.
    But at leats you had fun and made good use of the lemons!!!!

    And the pictures are good

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