A Strong Will

William is the most competitive person I know. Competition is his fuel. Winning is his passion. He has to be the fastest. No. He needs to be. His life depends on him winning the race. Coming in first. Passing everybody else.

I guarantee you he did not get this from me.

I remember high school track meets when I would come in second. It wasn’t that I couldn’t pass the girl in front of me, I just didn’t want to. She wanted to win the race, too. Who was I to take that away from her? In all honesty, she probably wanted that win more than I did. I wasn’t running to win, I was simply running.

I rarely try to come in first. In anything. The lead dog always gets noticed. Always gets the attention. I prefer to slip in silently. Unnoticed. It is easiest to do this when the spotlight is elsewhere.

Like I said, William did not get his competitive nature from me. I’m not even sure he got it all from Rob. And yet, it defines him. He thrives on it.

The older he gets, the more I realize that his name is perfect for him. He has a very strong will. I have no doubts that his stubbornness will take him far in life. The kid simply won’t quit. He won’t be defeated. He refuses to lose.

Keep on running, William. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop running.