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Creating a Chore Chart

We have battled with the kids for quite some time to get them to help out around the house. Part of the reason for the battle is the fact that they are kids and they would rather play than clean up, and the other reason is that it is usually easier to do things ourselves. Add these two things together and there is quite a bit of whining when clean-up time rolls around.

The solution (we hope) is a chore chart. We worked on one this morning and as a result there is now a piece of poster board taped to the front of our refrigerator. There are daily chores for each one of the kids as well as some weekly chores divided up between the three of them. They each have magnets with their favorite colors that they can move across the days of the week as they complete the chores for the day.

The kids seem pretty excited about this new system, and about the weekly allowance involved. Hopefully we can keep that excitement up as the newness wears off.

4 thoughts on “Creating a Chore Chart

  1. Let’s hope it lasts longer than a month, for your sakes! But, with money involved, it might have a good chance of lasting for…….who knows. It’s a good start, though. Kids need chores to learn responsibility.

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