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Over the River and Through the Woods…

One more day and we are off on vacation! Tomorrow evening we are hitting the road. My sister and her family will be travelling up from the South, our family of five is heading down from the North, and we are all heading for the same spot: Grammy and Grampy’s house!!! It will take us about 10 hours to get there, so our plan is to make it a few hours tomorrow evening and then finish up the drive on Saturday.

My parents are among the most amazing people ever. I don’t see them as often as I would like, but it sure is fun when we get together. I’m not sure how much blogging I will manage to get done, but I will be sure to share some stories when we get home.

6 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods…

  1. Sounds like everyone is in for a great vacation when you all gather together – how wonderful to arrange to have everyone together at the same time!
    Make notes so you can entertain us with some posts when you get back home, as I’m sure there will be lots to tell with a gathering like that.
    Have a safe journey there and of course, back home again!

  2. It sounds wonderful..have a great time and lots of fun. Also have a safe journey to Grammy and Grampy’s and then a safe journey home again.

    we shall look forward to reading all about it

    love P

  3. Hi, there!
    Sorry to be so long visiting your blog, but I had quite a few comments to sort through on my Freshly Pressed post!
    I appreciate your kind words, and I’m planning to catch up on some of your previous posts!
    Hope you’ll stop by again soon!
    enjoy your vacation!

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