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Fishing Tales

As I mentioned earlier, the kids went fishing with their dad over the weekend. The first time they headed out, they went to Wadsworth Pond, which you might remember we went to for the first time just last week. It was raining and windy and cold and besides losing lures (three I believe) in trees and on various things in the water, they didn’t have any luck at all.

So, determined, they headed out the next day. Once again it was cold and raining. Only this time they headed over to Holter Lake. Not too long after they left, the phone rang here at the house, William had something he wanted to tell me. He caught a fish!! A big one, too! And boy, was it heavy! 


William's 20" Rainbow Trout

After he told me all about his fish, he went to the car to warm up and I went back to sleep. A little while later, the phone rang again. This time it was Nathan with exciting news. He caught a fish! A big one, too! And boy, was it heavy!


Nathan's 18" Rainbow Trout

I was hoping the phone would ring a third time, but it never did. Catheryn ended up fishless. She was fine with that though, because she knows her dad will help her catch one another day. Better watch out boys, ’cause she’s gonna catch the BIG ONE!!! 

4 thoughts on “Fishing Tales

  1. I’m so happy you are feeling better, I missed your blogs. Do you think Rob would take ME fishing so I can catch a really big fish?

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