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On Wadsworth Pond

On many occasions during this past winter, I found myself wondering what on earth we were doing here. The temperature was below zero for weeks at a time. The snow fell mercilessly. The darkness was almost unbearable. To be quite honest, it was miserable.

But, like all things, it has come to an end. And after such a brutal winter, spring has been even more beautiful than usual. Trees are turning green once again, flowers are blooming. Robins are back. Days are longer and temperatures are warmer. Evenings are no longer about hunkering down, but getting out.

Tonight, we opted to do just that. We found ourselves on a little lake called Wadsworth Pond. The wind was calm, the sun warm. It was quiet, still, peaceful. It was the perfect place to be on a beautiful spring evening.  

This is why we stay. This is why we struggle through the winter. Because no matter how long and dark and cold the winter may be, come springtime, there is no place we would rather be.  

Fishing with Daddy

3 thoughts on “On Wadsworth Pond

  1. I’m really glad you are enjoying your new environment. Every place has it’s drawbacks, but it’s the perks that make us stay.

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